It is easy to sign up for a weekly pitch at St Thomas Square in Newport – you can either just buy a license for one Saturday at a time, or you can save money buy buying a bundle of four dates. If you wanted a weekly pitch you can sign up for a whole year.

You will need to have public liability insurance for up to £10 million of cover but it is easy to get that from £59 per year with the Combined Market Traders Insurance Association Limited from Hayes Parsons. Just click here to apply online it will literally only take five minutes!

Why you need public liability and product liability insurance

When you join our market in St Thomas Square we apply for a license for you from the Isle of Wight Council, and they require all our traders to have the correct insurance.

As a market trader you could be open to legal action for personal injury or property damage that arises whilst you are trading from your market stall. For example if your stall collapsed and caused injury to a member of the public or someone happened to trip over a cable.

Product liabilty will cover your products sold from your stall. For example if you sell cosmetic products and someone suffered a reaction from an incorrect recipe you would be legally protected if they took you to court.