Here is an outline of the measures that stall holders must take to ensure Covid-19 safety for staff, the public and customers. 

Important!! Individual traders with the following symptoms are reminded that they must not trade at or visit the market OR, if they develop the symptoms while at the market, they must leave the site and go home immediately: 

  • New continuous cough
  • New shortness of breath 
  • Temperature of 37.7 or higher 
  • Anosmia-loss of or change in normal sense of smell or taste.

Control Measures specified for the market stalls are: 

Stall holders should be vigilant at their stalls and ensure that customers remain socially distanced (2m or 1m+ with face covering) while looking at their products and merchandise. This to be enforced by signage (see below) and verbally. Customers should be told politely to stand back or wait for an appropriate space before approaching. 

Stall holders must provide hand sanitiser on their stand for customers to use while browsing and making purchases.  Stall holders must restrict customers from touching display items unless they plan to purchase them. This should be enforced verbally and by signage (Copies provided) 

 Any items that have been handled by customers and not purchased should be cleaned/sanitised before a new customer arrives. Stall holders should consider rotating stock off their stall to do this. 

Stall holders must sanitise their own hands before and after serving each customer.

Customers should not enter an enclosed gazebo to shop or browse and must remain in the open air at all times. 

Stall holders should step back while customers are browsing their stall to maintain safe social distancing.

Stall holders should where possible provide contactless payment facilities where they can (subject to mobile connectivity in the park) to minimise the virus transmission risk from handling cash from customers. Cash payments can be taken, but hands must be sanitised after handling money from customers. 

Stall holders should wear a face covering where 2m social distancing cannot be maintained between themselves and customers and especially if they are in higher risk groups.

Stall holders should offer contactless payment facilities were ever possible and where mobile signal allow. If cash payments are taken, stall holders must immediately sanitise their hands. 

Market Days  stewards will be at the market periodically to monitor visitors/stallholders to ensure guidelines are being adhered to. 

Stall holders advised to report noncompliance issues relating to the guidelines to the market organisers.